Intumescent Paint

One of the alternatives available to achieve a fire resistance in metal structures. Normally applied on interiors, although with the application of a correct top coat and specific thicknesses can be applied outdoors, depending on the classification of the environment.

When attacted by fire its thickness increases about 50 times its initial volume; the painting becomes a thick insulating cushion that protects the metallic structure from the action of fire.

Spray Mortar Fireproofing

Interior mortar composed of light expanded aggregates, perlite and vermiculite, as a white finish and a fire stability up to 240 minutes, depending on the applied thickeness.
It is applied manually or by means of an automatic mixer machine of wet projection with helical pump.
Once projected, it has an ivory-white and rough-touch appearance, and can be subsequently painted with the color chosen with plastic or acrylic paint.

Mineral fiber boards

A mineral fiber fireproofing board for use in interior or semi-exposed locations can provide up to three hours of protection.  It encases structural steel or other materials and can be applied in any temperature or weather conditions. As a board system it does not require any surface preparation to the substrate. 

Vermiculite Cement Mortar

Cement-based mortars with inorganic polymers with a fire protection formulation in industrial environments where fires are generally produced by hydrocarbons, mainly for petrochemical (onshore and offshore) and industry, such as refineries, chemical plants, gas plants, platforms fixed marine, floating production ships and industrial plants.

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