Intumescent paint for cables
Fire collars
Stone wool panels
Fire cushions
Sealing of installations

Regarding the sectorization of fire sectors in a building, it is important that the integrity of the compartment elements be maintained at all times so that they can fulfill their function.


Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the possible holes or discontinuities in the element that can allow the passage of flames or smoke, and compromise its delimiting effect.

One of the architectural constraints are installations. At the moment there is no building that is not crossed by numerous installations of all type: electrical, telephone, water, gas, air-conditioning, etc. 

In addition to the gaps produced by the installations, other gaps may arise because of the building's construction systems: expansion joints, ventilation openings, etc.

Solution systems

- Intumescent paint for cables
- Fire collars and fireproof belt for PVC pipes
- Fire cushions
- Fire mastic
- Mortars
- Stone wool panels
- Prefabricated grills
- Fire extinguishers, foams
- and other systems ...

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Fire mastic